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On account of National Ayurveda Day, “VAGPRATIBHA” Quiz competition

Monday, 6th November 2023

Karnataka Ayurveda medical college witnessed “Vagprathibha “2023 quiz competition in accordance with national Ayurveda day.under the captaincy of Dr Swapna Bhat the team members Dr Sridevi,Dr Mithun ,Dr Sukanya ,Dr Ashwini,Dr Srijaya & Dr Meera organised the event.the syllabus module for the quiz was Ashtangahridyam sutrasthanam 1 st to 15 th chapters.four finalist teams were selected through the priliminary exam which was conducted on Nov 6.
Quiz event was a learning process for all the students and the platform turned into a battle ground of knowldge and talent.four teams were  team Hemadri,team Arunadatta,team Indu & team Chandranandana.the teams cleverly handled all the questions and left no points for audience as well as quiz master.

The quiz event went through 5 rounds
1.Vag gnanam
2.Vag darshanam
3.Vag Daksha
4.Vag Shalaka
5.Chutulam chathuryam
Winners were declared on the stage after these challenging rounds.team Chandra Nandana bagged the title prize as “Vagprathibha “and team Hemadri won the second prize
The quiz master was Dr Sukanya and Dr Ashwini




Event Photographs